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The Nadapuram mosque, which has centuries of history, is just a place of worship dedicated to the spiritual and knowledge fields of the Malayalam poetry. The mosque is remarkable for its architectural features. The mosque and its vast pond built in the past two decades have been constructed. The magnificent architectural architecture of the architecture elevates the majesty of the church. The mosque was constructed under the leadership of Maulana Yaqub Musali, a native of Mattannur in Kannur. The architectural styles of Kerala and Persia have been applied here. Inside the church, there are granite pillars with a meter tall and four-meter high. The mosque’s top corridor in three floors is completely made of wood. In the interior of the first mosque, there are also beautiful carvings.Diplomatic praise is remarkable.

There are no loudspeakers in the church where millions of people can meet the rituals. It is here that the mafia loudspeaker tries to get to know the imams of the movement, which leads the agitation. The mosque is considered to be more than five hundred years old. There are also many festivals here in Lala. Hundreds of days are given the same day. Devotees from all over the neighboring areas visit the 27th century to reach the grave.

There are thousands of scholars who went to various corners of Kerala to get knowledge from the Nadapuram community. Poochakkool Ore is the first person to be introduced to Nadapuram in Sufi. Khadi Mohammad Musaliar, Khutubi Mohammad Musaliar, Ahmad Shirazi, Kisanor Kunna Kunjbudullah Musliyar, Manekoth Kunnamkutty Musliyar, Aancheri Abdurahman Musliyar are the prominent personalities in Nadapuram. Nadapuram has a distinct historical legacy that combines color, trade, and spirituality. Though the riots and conflicts are frequent, there is a great tradition that is unnatural for the younger generation. The culture of the royal tradition, the commercial interests of the white people, and the martial arts of the city, Nadapuram is a part of Kadathanadu. Nadapuram was one of the major centers for treating Vadakara, one of the leading ancient ports in Kerala.Arabs, Gujarathas and Sindhis controlled the trade in Vadakara while the Mappilas and the Nanny were the traders of Nadapuram. The cultural heritage of the Sree Narayana Wagbhadananda Swamies has also strengthened the message of the Sufi saints. In 1869 Dr. Herald Guntur In his work with history in the history of the state of Kerala, Nadapuram death scene is recorded.

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How to Reach:

By Air

Calicut International Airport is about 86 km from the airport, which can be reached by hiring a cab or taking a bus.

By Train

Kozhikode Railway Station is the nearest railhead at a distance of 64 km. Direct taxi or cab can be taken from the station to reach the desired spot.

By Road

It is a 1-hour drive from Kozhikode via NH-66.