Right to Information (RTI) Act is an important milestone in the growth of the democratic system in the country. It has removed the wall of secrecy built against the common people by those holding in authority. The Act makes it statutory for the latter to reveal all unclassified information when and where required by an ordinary citizen of the county. However, the success of this Act requires ample enlightenment of those who hold authority and those who want to avail information for the betterment of their selves or that of the society at large. Those in authority need to be constantly reminded about their responsibilities and obligations under this Act until they are fully integrated into the democratic culture sans official knowledge barriers. So the Government of Kerala launches this website to remind all officials, high and low, to act in full spirit of the R.T.I. Act so that democracy assumes a deeper meaning. On the other side of the spectrum there is the common citizenry who need to be conversant with the modalities for availing information under this Act. They need to be enlightened about their rights and the ways to satisfy those rights. It is the fervent hope of the Government that the site on R.T.I. Act will help to remove the chasm between the rulers and the ruled and will help to achieve transparency in all government transactions.

Please visit Government of Kerala RTI service portal for more information.