Rural Development

Block Panchayath

Block Panchayath has constituted under chapter 3 Section 7 of Kerala Panchayath Raj act 1994 and working as intermediate level in three tier system. Functions of Block Panchayath divided in the 4th schedule of the Kerala Panchayath Raj act 1994. At present 12 Block Panchayath are working in kozhikode district.

Many rural development programmes were implemented depending on the needs of the rural poor of the country. Reaching the basic needs such as food and shelter of the poor, various rural development programmes were implemented through this department. The Department is primarily concerned with addressing the needs of the rural people in matters of sustainable economic activity, shelter & hygiene concerns, rural infrastructure & connectivity.

At first, the department activities are done in the collectorate. After the formation of the Commissionerate of Rural Development 1st February 1987, as per Government Order no. GO(MS) 5/1987 dated 24.01.1987 separate office was functioning in the district. The head of the office in district is Assistant Development Commissioner ( General ). The charge of the rural development activities at district level holds by concerned District Collectors. But the overall control and supervision of their activities are entrusted with the Commissionerate of the Rural Development.