Kozhikode is home to a genial culture and rich traditions. It is famous for ‘Mappilappattu’, ‘Kolkali’ and ‘Oppana’ which are the traditional art forms of the Muslim communities of Malabar. ‘Thirayattam’ and ‘Theyyam’ are the temple based art forms predominant in the Northern regions of the district. The highly popular folk songs or ballads known as ‘Vadakkan Pattuakal’ celebrates the valour and might of the martial art of Kerala, the ‘Kalaripayattu’ and its legendary exponents like Thacholi Othenan, Chandhu Chekavar, Unniyarcha, Aromal Chekavar and others. The intellectual debates of vedic scholars to win the position of Pattathanam (Revathy Pattathanam) takes place at Thali temple during the month of ‘Thulam’ (October-November).

Kozhikode carries in its heart the melodies of Ghazals and Hindustani music and hums the songs of Rafi Saheb, Kishore Kumar, Mukesh, Hemanth Da, Talat Mahmood, Manna Dey and others. Its strong association with the game of football is marked by the huge fan following and the enthusiasm and spirit that is held up during the FIFA World Cup and local Football matches.

The ‘Mittayi Theruvu’ also known as the SM Street, got its name from the ‘Sweet Kozhikkodan Halwa’ which the Europeans called Sweet Meat (SM). It is a long street with its entire length filled with shops that sell everything one could ever need.

Kozhikode is the food capital of Kerala with its mouth-watering dishes like the ‘Kozhikkodan Biriyani’, ‘Chattippathiri’, ‘Irachipathiri’, ‘Elanchi’, ‘Pazham Nirachathu’, ‘Unnakkaya’ ‘Sulaimani’ – the special Kozhikkodan lemon tea and others, all served with love.

The unique and accommodative culture of Kozhikode celebrates the festivals of Onam, Vishu, Eid and Christmas with equal pomp and joy.