Employability is defined as the set of achievements or skills in an individual that makes him/her more likely to be employed or be successful in their employments. The theory of employability implies the process of moulding the educated individual into an employable candidate by identifying their skill set. It  provides appropriate training and equips the candidate so as to place them directly into the workforce, thus enabling their achievement of lucrative employment. The employability of job pursuers needs to be improved so that they can acquire positions according to their job profiles.
Kozhikode district has two Employability Centres in Nilambur and West Hill, both of which have provided job opportunities to more than 7,500 people as of August 31st, 2015. They aim at bridging the gap between the employers and the job seekers through efficient training and aptitude tests.


Local Self-Government Institutions work at the village and district level. This system encourages an expansion of democracy and implements a direct and representative democracy thereby faciliting harmony. The state of Kerala is divided into 6 Corporations, 87 Municipalities, 14 District Panchayats, 152 Block Panchayats and 941 Grama Panchayats. The three-tier system with the presence of elected bodies at the village, taluk and district levels came into being following the 73rd and 74th Amendments of the Constitution.
Local Self-Government Institutions are regarded as effective agencies for the realization of developmental programmes. The Grama Sabhas are responsible for the identification and implementation of developmental programmes. At the grass-roots level, the Local Administration department plays an important role in the implementation and formulation of developmental work. This is because of the decentralization of power. The Town and Country Planning Department, Commissionerate of Rural Development, Directorate of Urban Affairs and the Panchayat Directorate are the most significant departments involved in the smooth functioning of Local Administration.