Operation Sulaimani

Being there for the other person, we believe is an inherent quality or feeling within ourselves. It's standing together for the others that brings out the best in us. The collective consciousness of a place is as important as our own individual consciousness. Kozhikode over the years has captured the imagination of the public when it comes to its warmth, hospitality and compassion. An often highlighted example of 'Kozhikodan' characteristic is the typical auto driver story we constantly hear. The drivers are known for their honesty and hospitality. They are famously known to advice you as a passenger to take a public bus because its one tenth the price and the frequency is better. We have seen socially responsible youngsters in Palliative Care Units helping the ailing patients. Compassionate Kozhikode is a platform to celebrate the lives of such people and to bring together like minded people who can create a holistic destination out of Kozhikode. Ours is an attempt to 'Create Better Places for People to Live & Visit.'