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Tourist Spot

Eat & Drink

Fresh flavourful delights

Kozhikode is also known as the city of spices for its role as a major leading point in eastern spices. Today Calicut is popular for another reason its food,and food joints. Restaurants offer great food at affordable rates and same is true for authentic regional savories. The easiest place to begin a search for mappila food is Kozhikode.



Kozhikode can be a shopper’s heaven with places such as SM Street, which is a one stop destination for all needs. Also, there are a few malls such as Focus Mall, RP Mall and Hi-lite Mall. Kozhikode is famous for its handicrafts and handloom industry. One must also try the Comtrust Store at Beypore or the Sargaalaya Kerala Arts and Crafts Village at Iringal.

Eat and Drink
Eat and Drink

Being a culturally rich and vibrant place, Kozhikode has a wide array of mouth watering delicacies such as the Kozhikoden Halwa , Milk Sarbath , Banana chips , Alisa , Pathiri and Erachi curry , Arikadukka and many more . The food is sure to be mouth-watering and will definitely keep any foodie busy munching.

Trekking and Rock Climbing
Trekking and Rock Climbing

With places such as Thusharagiri, Kakkayam and Velleri Mala, Kozhikode can cater to the adventure lovers with beautiful trekking trails through forests and mountains. These places also provide rock climbing opportunities.

Place to Stay

A night under a roof In Kozhikode

What more do you need, if you have a roof on your head and food in your stomach. Kozhikode has a wide variety of guest homes which ranging from 5-star hotels to Lodges which can be afforded by any common man.

Culture and Heritage

Kozhikode has a rich culture tradition.there is a harmonious blend of art religion and philosophy in the culture,calicut has a rich culture where people of more than one religious culture live together. it is the land of various culture and tradition.

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To reach somewhere use some way

Its as simple as that each settlement pattern is affected by transportation and a change in it can have a drastic impact on the ultimate viability of the built enviornment. transportation is often viewed as a matter of convenience or necessity but in reality its role in civilized existence is far more basic.the kozhikode city has a reasonably well developed transport infrastructure.a large number of buses,predominatly run by individual owners,ply on the major route within the city and to nearby locations.

Types of Transportation

  • Roadways
  • Waterways
  • Railways
  • Airways
  • Local Transport